Why Worship ? 

Worship is the most important thing we do...and we all do it. We can worship other people, money, leisure, ourselves, education, pleasure, and even God. "Worth-ship" (the old English form of the word) is simply a ranking system of assigning worth  to things - and ultimate worth - what is worth the most to us. 

At Providence, we view worship as having two functions - which also must be assigned a "worth" ranking. Worship is intended both to satisfy our souls in God, and to give God what He desires from us. Ultimately, the kind of worship God desires from us must receive top priority - but that doesn't make it contrary to the purpose of satisfying our souls. 

The worship Scripture describes does both - it desribes a way of worshipping God that is best at satisfying our souls with exactly who God is. We often think of singing as worship, but its bigger than that. Prayer, confession of sin and confession of Scriptural truth, the reading and preaching of the Word, baptism and the Lord's Table all are cited in Scripture as being the kind of worship-offering God desires from us. But they also work to satisfy our souls in God, and His son Jesus Christ, throgh His Holy Spirit.

We invite you co come be a part of it, and be satisfied in God.