Christian education

Since we believe the Word of God speaks to every area of life, we offer Sunday School classes for all ages.  Some of our recent classes include:

Children 1: What's In the Bible

Children 2:  What is the Gospel

Teen: How to "Stay Christian" Beyond Childhood
Teen: Through the Book of Acts

Adult: How to Pray Using God's Language

Adult: Verse-by-verse through the book of Hebrews
Adult: The Art of Neighboring


The purpose for our women's ministry or WIC (Women In the Church) as we call it is:


First, that every woman in the church know Christ personally and


Second, be committed to extending His Kingdom in her life, home, church, community and throughout the world.

As women in Christ's church, we are committed to exemplifying our helper design and life-giving mission (Genesis 1-3)


We seek not to be task-driven or event-focused, but to have hearts resonating with God's word to such an extent that our lives overflow with thankfulness to God and service to others.

community group bible studies

We believe the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are the very word of God. For this reason, to know God we must study them. While we can know God through nature, we can only know Jesus Christ - God's most powerful self-revelation - through the Bible.


For this reason, we conduct personal one-on-one Bible studies, and local home small group studies, tailored to individual needs and questions, along with prayer time... how we "complete the conversation."


If you'd like more information.... just ask. Its the most important thing we do.



ladies re-fit exercise class

The Re-Fit Revolution

Fitness - Faith - Community - Connection

What: Cardio - dance fitness designed to create community.

Who: Ladies of all ages

When: Saturdays, 9:30 AM

Where: 5865 Davis Creek Rd, Barboursville
Connect with us on Facebook at Refit with Amy F